Awesome CTFA Curated List of CTF Frameworks, Libraries, Resources and Softwares
HackTheBoxPen-testing Labs
VulnHubGain Practical ‘hands-on’ Experience in Digital Security, Computer Software & Network Administration
Hacking-LABOnline Ethical Hacking, Computer Network and Security Challenge Platform
OtherWireLearn and Practice Security Concepts in the Form of Fun-filled Games
CTF TimeCTF Archive
CTF365CTF Practicing
CTF LearnHackers in Improving Your CTF Skills
CTF 101Computer Security Competiton
Root MeChallange Your Hacking Skills
BackdoorShow Your Talent in a Competitive Environment
Hacker CenterLearn Cybersecurity Skills by Playing Capture the Flag
Hacker ExperienceGame of Hacker Experience
Hack ThisDiscover How Hacks, Dumps and Defacements are Performed
CrackmesImprove Your Reverse Engineering Skills
ChallangesReverse Engineering Challenges
ROP EmporiumLearn Return-oriented Programming (ROP) through a Series of Challenges
Micro CorruptionEmbedded Security CTF
Hack This SiteFree, Safe and Legal Training Ground for Hackers to Test and Expand Their Skills
Open Security is dedicated to sharing training material for computer security classes, on any topic, that are at least one day long.‘’ is a non-commercial wargame site which provides various pwn challenges regarding system exploitation.
Trailofbits GithubCTF Field Guide
ShellterSocial Network focused on information security
PicoCTFComputer Security Game Targeted at Middle and High School Students
Enigma GroupWeb Application Security Training
Can Hack MeTest Your Hack Skills
Komodo SecApplication Security Challange
Game of HacksThis Game was Designed to Test Your Application Hacking Skills
Hacker TestYour Own Online Hacker Simulation.
n00bs CTF LabsA Web Application that Hosts 15 mini Capture the Flag (CTF) Challenges Intended for Beginners
Crypto ClubCrack Ciphers, Discover Secrets, and Improve Your Math Skills
The CryptopalsSets of Crypto Challenges
Try to DecryptFind Some Encrypted Texts in Different Levels of Difficulty
ElectricaThe Puzzle Challange
Pwn AdventureA Game is Intentionally Vulnerable to all Kinds of Silly Hacks
Smash the StackWargaming Network
StyprStereotyped Challenges
Under the WireWargames
MetasploitableMetasploitable is an Intentionally Vulnerable Linux Virtual Machine
FBCTFFacebook Capture the Flag
Nmap ScanMeLearn about Nmap
OWASP WebGoat ProjectDesigned to Teach Web Application Security Lessons
PraetorianExploit Your Way to the Secret Flag and Get Hired